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As we have done with more than 125 brands so far, we enable brands to rise higher among the search results and thus increasing organic sales on Google and other search engines.

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With our proven SEO strategies, we enabled brands to send 81% more traffic annually to the website.

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Our SEO References

Some of the featured brands that are our references.

SEO Process

SEO Audit &

An SEO strategy that is consciously created gives better results. We start each digital campaign with an audit that includes technicality, visibility and optimization analysis.

On-Page SEO

We are optimizing your web pages. Optimization includes technical optimization and user-oriented optimization. This is done in order to rank high in the Google search result rankings and achieve quality traffic.

Off-Page SEO

We also do SEO work outside the website to improve the Google search result ranking and increase organic traffic.

3 fundamental ways to grow
your brand with SEO

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SEO Audits

As the first step of our SEO operation, the existing SEO performance of your brand’s website is examined by our  SEO experts and their audit tools. This audit helps us and you to see the strong and weak points.

Keyword Analysis

Using a variety of software such as Google Search Console, Ahrefs, SEMrush, and SEOmonitor; we analyze the keywords that make up most of your traffic. We also determine those that are not making any progress and those that need to be improved.

Competition Analysis

Competition analysis is critical to enable you to get an upper hand in competition in your industry.

First, we determine who are your competitors within Google search results, and then we observe situations that prevent you from exceeding your competitors.

Technical Analysis

The quality of the user experience of a website plays a key role in SEO success.

By doing technical analysis, we determine whether your website is mobile-friendly, what kind of certification it has, what is the uploading speed, and whether there is any duplicated content. We review such issues that may create problems in SEO, report the weaknesses, and create a plan to overcome such problems.

Page-Level Analysis

We check all aspects of the content available on a website. Our analysis range from meta descriptions to URL, from keyword frequency to link building. Our aim is to optimize each and every page on the website, not just important or featured ones.

Content Quality

Consistent, useful and accurate information of the website content is among the most important elements that form the basis of good SEO performance.

We evaluate the originality and quality of the content and identify the points that negatively affect SEO performance.

User Experience

We measure the time that your users spend on the website and their bounce rates, and exam their experience in accessing the content they are looking for. In order o reveal the general situation, we make sense of these UX statistics.

Full Backlink Profile

All links are important, but some links are more important.

By viewing your backlink profile, we look at the number of backlinks from websites with similar niches, the type of backlink, the anchor text used, and many more in order to enhance your performance.

A Tailored SEO Strategy Plan
- Just For You!

We evaluate the analysis data for permanent success and develop the right strategy specifically designed for your brand.

We increase the conversions rate by creating a steady traffic increase on your website with a strategic plan that focuses on feasible goals.

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On-Page SEO

As a result of the analysis, we determine the points that do not comply with the SEO standards on all your web pages and make the necessary improvements at the levels you see on the right in the user experience focus.


- Page Title Editing
- Identification of Missing Page Titles
- Very Long / Short Page Titles
- Duplicated Page Titles
- Missing Meta Descriptions
- Very Long / Short Meta Descriptions
- Duplicate Meta Descriptions
- Subtitle Hierarchy


- Keyword Analysis
- Competition analysis
- Low Search Volume Keyword Searches
- Domain Authority Comparison
- Long Tail Keyword Selection
- Sub-Page Keyword Hierarchy
- Keyword Frequency
- Incorrect Anchor Text Link


- Identification of valuable Content Blocked by Robots.txt File
- Unlisted URL  in Robots.txt File or Missing XML Sitemap
- XML Sitemap Pages blocked by robots.txt
- Incorrect / Incomplete / Outdated XML Sitemap
- Missing XML Video and Visual Sitemap
- Low Page Speed Score
- Disused Webmaster Tools
- False Canonical Tags

URL Structure

- Unnecessary Subdomains
- Unnecessary Directories
- Generic Directory Structure
- Dynamic URL Issues
- Tracking URL Parameters
- Session IDs in the URL


- Internal Linking Problems
- Insufficient Anchor Text
- Missing Breadcrumbs
- Incorrect Breadcrumbs
- Schema Missing Breadcrumbs
- A Sitemap that is Unavailable for the Users
- Unnecessary No-Follow Links in Internal Linking JavaScript Navigation
- Images Used in Navigation
- Flash Navigation


- Site With Page Errors
- Broken Page Links
- Non-customized 404 Error Page
- Pages Not Returning to 404

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Off-Page SEO

We increase the traffic flow of your brand’s website by working at the levels you see on the right, in order for your website to be recognized as a reliable medium by a variety of search engines and thus to be ranked high by them.

Link Construction

The number and quality of links from other websites to your website are very important for SEO performance.

We are building links that will make you stand out in the competition and increase the traffic.

SEO Campaigns

We organize SEO campaigns according to a well constructed strategic plan. As a result of that, your potential customers can reach your website seamlessly, have a good experience and become your customers.

We develop projects that benefit you by developing micro sites and tools in campaigns.

Anchor Text

Using correct and suitable anchor text is very important for your website. This will give you a strong and natural backlink profile.

We make strategic anchor text optimizations and increase your SEO performance.

Content Distribution

We use the right channels and media formats to bring your website content together with the right audience.

We distribute the produced content on 12 different content platforms such as Medium. In this way, we provide direct access to the audience in those channels.

The SEO tools we use

Professional tools we use to make your brand stand out in competition.

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Our SEO experts
who can help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it the first-rank guarantee in search engine optimization?

First page or first page is not guaranteed after search engine optimization is done. Because Google algorithms score website Continuous measurements according to certain criteria. Therefore SEO studies it requires continuity and consistency.

What is SEO bid determined by?

General status of the website to be search engine optimized, factors such as competitive conditions, social media performance, SEO tools, It is effective in determining the SEO offer.

When can the results of SEO work be seen?

Within a few weeks of starting work it is possible to observe the results. But the healthiest results it is necessary to wait at least 3 months.

What other services should I get other than SEO?

Social as well as SEO to strengthen your digital presence media management, Google ads, email marketing, It is useful to get services such as UX / UI design.