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Within the budget that is set by you, we are promoting your products and services to the right audience in the most effective ways.

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Digital Ads


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Google Ads, YouTube Ads,
Criteo, Yandex, Bing

Social Media

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Facebook&Instagram Ads,
Linkedin Ads, Twitter Ads,
Tiktok Ads,Pinterest Ads

Digital Media Planning
Purchasing Platforms

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Spotify, TagOn Taboola,
Admatic vs

We reached our brands to their goals
and attained the numbers we are proud of.


Total number of orders increase.

Check out the details of the campaign
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The results that make a difference.

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Benefit from Website Traffic

Increase online sales and reservation rates or email list subscriptions with online advertisements that direct people to your website.

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Call More by Phone

Increase your phone call rates with online advertisements that feature your phone number and make it possible to click.

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Increase Store Visits

Get more customers to visit your store with online ads that help people find your business on the map.

Our Partners

Some of our business partners with whom we make instant contact with global and TR teams for ad planning and performance tracking

Criteo Ads
Linkedin Ads
Meta Ads
Google Ads
Tiktok Ads
Meta Ads

Our Google Ads References

Featured reference brands.

Why you should choose us
for Google Ads?

Our team of experts on Google Ads offers you support to grow your business.

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Working with Advanced Experts

An expert team manages your online ads, not trainees or less experienced people.

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Creating Value

We focus on effective work to increase your return on investment and continuously measure the KPIs we have determined together.

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Effective Communication Methods

We organize regular meetings with you to review the performance of advertising campaigns and discuss innovative ideas.

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Progress Reports Just For You

We offer regular reports that are indicating the results of all your performance indicators and the most important statistics for your brand.

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Google Partnership

Thanks to our Google partnership and experience, you have the chance to experience the latest Google Ads BETA features that will give you a competitive edge.

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Affordable Pricing

The fee for our services is determined by the goals of your brand and the scope of the work that we are going to do together. According to these calculations, a monthly prepayment is set. Apart from this, exceptional fees are not demanded.

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Our process
of operation.

Check out ho our
advertising process goes.

1 An initial discovery meeting is organized.

- First, we conduct a meeting to get to know you and your brand better. We talk about the sector that you serve as well as your goals, competitive advantages, target audience, and certain factors affecting your performance.

2 Accounts are audited and opportunities are determined..

- We analyze your current performance based on the data that we get from your accounts. The same data is used in the next steps while creating our strategies.

3 Findings are discussed to move on to the next steps.

- After the analysis is finalized and strategies are determined, we organize a second meeting - face-to-face or video talk - to offer you growth opportunities within a detailed business plan alongside with ROI calculations.

4 An initial strategy is created and action
is stared to be taken.

- Within the 3-month priority plan created by our findings from the audit, we develop a list of actions that would have a positive impact on return on investment.

5 Optimizations and detailed monthly reporting.

- Through our weekly performance review sessions, we both present you with a report about your performance and develop new ideas.

6 Strategic planning sessions for the next
quarter are held every three months.

- In quarterly strategic planning sessions, ongoing optimizations and strategic plans are put on the table, a detailed analysis evaluation is made for the next period, and your budget is managed to offer the highest value to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

For which brands do you provide Google Ads service?

We can provide Google Ads operations to companies with a monthly advertising budget of over 5 thousand TL.

Which companies do not you work with?

We do not provide Google Ads service for companies that are setting negative examples. This includes but not limited to gambling companies, sexual solicitation, alcohol products, tobacco products, and psychic services.

How often do you present reports?

We present the reports daily, weekly and monthly according to the strategic plan we have determined for your brand. You can also access instant optimizations via Data Studio.

When can I see Google Ads results?

You can start to see the reflections of the Google Ads work carried out in line with the strategic plan as of the first week of its implementation.

Get a free report
about your website.

Your website is the place where you meet your customers and where you make a first impression. We can analyse the performance of your website and share a report with you - for free!

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