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Send your newsletters effortlessly at 100 times more affordable prices.

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Send your newsletters effortlessly
at 100 times more affordable prices.

This service is especially favorable for the brands that are sending over 100,000 emails a month.

Email Delivery Cost Calculation

E-Email ServiceEvery 10.000 Email Cost
Campaign Monitor$105
Amazon SES (Flatartmail)$50.00

E-mail sending cost savings: $149,99

Email Service Management

We reach your specific target audience on behalf of your brand and help you achieve your marketing goals.

Prices starting from $90 per month.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I send the newsletters in e-mail marketing?

There is no set in stone rule for this. However, for the most efficient results, you can have an idea of how often it would be ideal to send an e-mail newsletter by applying A / B tests.

What should I do to prevent my campaign emails from falling into the spam box?

In order for emails not to become spam, you should pay attention to certain points. For example, e-mails on your list should be allowed, you should be given the option to unsubscribe, and e-mails should not be banned.

How is the success of the e-mail marketing campaign measured?

You can measure the success of your campaign in line with important performance indicators for your brand. You can review the reports provided by your e-mail campaign service provider for this.

How can the number of subscribers to mailing lists be increased?

Quality over quantity! Subscribers’ level of interest is much more important than the number of subscribers. Therefore, it will be more useful to make sure that e-mail address holders on your list are the right people for your company. Nevertheless, in order to increase the number of subscribers, you can make certain improvements to your website.

Why choose us for email marketing
campaign management?

We invest in the relationships between you and your target audience by directly communicating
with them on behalf of you, and highlight your brand with effective e-mail bulletins and newsletters.

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Working with Professional Experts

Our team of experts manages your email marketing account, not trainees or less experienced people.

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Creating Value

We focus on high-impact work to increase your return on investment, and we constantly measure the KPIs we set for our goals related to your brand.

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Effective Communication Methods

We arrange regular meetings with you to review the performance of social media campaigns and have discussions for new ideas.

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A Very Special Report For You

We regularly report the results of all performance indicators and the most important statistics for your brand.

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Sendy Service Provider

With Sendy’s variety of features, we can analyze and optimize the performance of your e-mail campaigns in real-time.

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Affordable Pricing

The fee for our social media services is determined by your brand goals and the scope of work according to your expectations. Accordingly, a monthly prepayment is requested. Apart from this, no exceptional charges are requested.

Our email marketing experts
who can help you.


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