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“Thanks to Flatart's strategies and correct, down to earth, what was left to us was to be patient and see that our targets have been reached in the end.”

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Selim Goksin


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High-Quality Traffic

We bring the audience that has a high probability of interest rate to your brand.

Media Outlets Suitable for You

We chose the best ones among a variety of traffic channels that will enable you to reach your target audience in the most optimized way.


We are completely transparent! We share with you the results of all the work we do to get quality traffic.

Actions to ensure your
website gets high-quality traffic.

SERVICES Acquisition

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Search Engine
Optimization (SEO)

We take actions that will bring your brand forward into the top search engine results. This will speed up the transformation by preparing the ground for your target audience to easily reach the products and services you offer.

- High conversion rates
- Increasing competitiveness
- Improved user experience

Check out the SEO process.

Social Media Management

We create content that adds value to your brand and increases the traffic on your website. This will help you to reach your target audience by marketing in the right channels. Your brand will benefit immensely from the right social media management.

- Increasing organic traffic
- Providing digital visibility
- Customer loyalty

Check out the social media process.

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E-mail Marketing

We regularly prepare engaging e-mail newsletters to increase traffic rates and enable you to speed up your sales cycle.

- Affordable cost
- High clicking rates
- Increased brand awareness

Check out the email marketing process.

Google Ads

Our team of expert team certified as Google Partner will work to scale your Google Ads advertising campaigns and increase your profits.

- Increasing brand awareness
- Getting new customers
- Cost control

Check out the Google Ads process.

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and Instagram Ads

We strategize and implement Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns that will reach exactly the right audience and provide high conversion rates. We manage the whole advertising procedure for effective results.

- Increasing brand visibility
- Target the most relevant audience
- Real-time results

LinkedIn Ads

We design digital ads for your brand to interact with the professional target audience in an environment where the heart of the business world beats.

- Access to the professional audience
- High ROI potential

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