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We determine the right strategy for our brands and ensure that they use digital technologies in the most accurate way.

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With our team with proven success, we guide your digital marketing efforts and take your brand a few
steps forward in the digital world

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Take a look at how we run our digital consulting
process for our brands.

1 Discovery meeting.

- In order to start the procedure, we conduct a meeting to get to know you and your brand. In this meeting, we focus on the sector that you are working in, as well as your goals, your competitive advantages, your target audience, and other factors affecting your performance.

2 Accounts are audited and opportunities are revealed.

- We analyze the current performance in your social media channels line with the data that we will use while creating our future strategies.

3 Findings are discussed to move
on to the next steps.

- We deliver a face-to-face or video talk to offer you growth opportunities, alongside a detailed business plan and ROI calculations.

4 An initial strategy is created
and action is taken.

- We focus on actions that will have a positive impact in the digital world, in line with the first 3-month priority plan based on the findings from our audit.

5 Optimizations and detailed monthly reports are maintained.

- We meet with you weekly to review performance, follow the agenda and generate new ideas.

6 Strategic planning sessions for the next
quarter are held every three months.

- Ongoing optimizations and strategic plans are discussed, a detailed analysis evaluation is made for the next period, and your budget is managed to offer you the highest value.

Our experts who can
help you.

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Simay Akkurt

Digital Marketing Director

Dilara Karakuş

Dilara Karakuş

Brand Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

How should social media channels be managed?

Social media management should be compatible with the language and image of your brand, should attract the attention of your target audience, should contain quality visual elements, should comply with the agenda and social media dynamics, and should be open to interaction.

Why is social media management necessary?

Social media management is highly critical in order to meet with your current and potential customers, to reinforce your brand perception, and to support other activities such as SEO and digital ads.

How can I increase my follower count on social media?

In order to increase the number of followers in your social media accounts organically, it is necessary to produce creative and viral content and conduct an effective communication strategy.

On which platforms do you manage social media?

For starters, we manage the accounts on social media on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest. Afterward, we can evaluate other platforms required by the brand's position in overall social media.