10 Steps to Rank Your Brand on the First Page of Google

In order for brands to achieve their goals, such as attracting more visitors to their websites and increasing their conversion rates, it is of great importance to appear on the first page, even in the first place, in Google search results [...]

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How to rank high on Google is one of the most critical issues that people who are working on increasing the position of a website in search engines are curious about.

In order for brands to achieve their goals, such as attracting more visitors to their websites and increasing their conversion rates, it is of great importance to appear on the first page, even in the first place, in Google search results.

So what is the golden rule for getting a brand on the first page of Google? Here is the answer!

How to Rank High on Google

How to Rank High on Google

Considering that Google's market share in Turkey has reached almost 70%, a brand's ability to rank on the first page of Google search results can be considered a great source of value and prestige.

A good SEO strategy is the first step for brands to rank high on Google. Suppose you are looking for a roadmap to reach your target audience more effectively through a channel such as Google. In that case, you can find answers to all the questions you are looking for in the continuation of our article, where we cover this subject comprehensively.

1. Give Importance to On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is the first step for a website to appear on the first page of Google search results. As a result of On-Page SEO efforts fed with quality content, it is almost inevitable to achieve high organic traffic success.

While on-site SEO efforts help Google understand your website much better, it returns to you as a success that improves your ranking.

When it comes to On-Page SEO, the main points to focus on are briefly as follows:

  • Optimization of page titles
  • Title hierarchy
  • Keyword studies
  • Correct URL usage
  • Including internal connections
  • Monitoring Google index checks
  • Including title tags and meta descriptions
  • Detection and elimination of site errors

2. Pay Attention to Off-Page SEO

 Pay Attention to Off-Page SEO

This concept, referred to as Off-Page SEO or off-site SEO, is one of the essentials of a successful SEO strategy. Off-Page SEO, which is one of the steps that enable a website to rank high in search engines, actually covers all the work done outside the relevant site.

Thanks to off-site SEO work, it becomes possible to bring new traffic to a website other than those coming through search engines. Thus, site visibility will increase, and site authority will be strengthened.

3. Understand Google RankBrain

The concept of RankBrain, which is closely related to content marketing, is part of Google's machine learning and artificial intelligence-powered algorithm that produces search results specific to the queries users make.

Google RankBrain, which should be well understood by brands that want to rank first in Google search results, specializes in interpreting the relationship between specific keywords and phrases.

Known to be a highly functional algorithm, the focus of RankBrain is to provide users with the most relevant information by comparing current queries with past search data.

Considering that RankBrain is a power that adds value to Google, brands that want to rank high on search engine results in pages should shape their content marketing strategies accordingly.

4. Recognize the Importance of Quality Content

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You have probably heard US businessman Bill Gates' quote, "Content is king" many times before. In fact, this phrase is a great step that will take a website to first place in Google.

Brands that want to achieve success in Google search results should take care to produce quality and original content for their websites. Having quality content related to the service you offer on your website, on topics that are frequently researched by users, will make you stand out among your competitors.

In this direction, if you are researching methods to rank high on Google, you should not stop producing content that will shed light on the research done by users who visit your site and feed them.

5. Improve Site Speed

One of the ranking factors determined by Google related to search results is site speed. Site speed can be explained as the loading speed of the visual and written content on the pages of the website.

If you do not want to lose users who visit your website, we recommend that you make sure that the opening speed of your site is ideal on both desktop and mobile devices. For this, you can use tools such as Google PageSpeed Insights and GTmetrix that measure site speed.

If you meet this criterion, which is very important for user experience, Google can reward your website and help it rank higher in search results.

6. Build Trust on Your Site

Build Trust on Your Site

Having a reliable website is an important criterion that gives you a plus point different from your competitors. In this direction, if your site has a security gap, you shouldfocus on building a reliable site for your visitors.

In order to have a reliable site that will protect your visitors' information;

  • You should install an SSL certificate on your website
  • You should choose a reliable hosting provider for your site.
  • You should use strong passwords.
  • You should take care to keep the plugins you use on your site up to date.
  • You should back up your data regularly.

7. Pay Attention to LSI Usage

Perhaps one of the most important criteria among the methods to rank high on Google is LSI, or "Latent Semantic Indexing." This method is Google's feature that analyzes in detail the relationship between keywords used on a page and related terms.

For example, if you are preparing content related to nut varieties, you should not neglect to include keywords such as nut benefits; nut varieties; nut calories; nut names in your article. You can use various tools to find keywords that may be related to the content you have prepared.

Thanks to LSI, which is known to be very useful for search engine optimization, publishers can reach their target audience more easily. LSI, which helps Google make sense of a piece of content, will increase the relevance of the content to the search phrase and will help the page rise in search results.

8.Value Mobile Optimization

Value Mobile Optimization

Considering that mobile devices have become a fixture of our daily lives and that mobile traffic accounts for a significant portion of web traffic, it is understood how important it is to have a mobile-friendly website.

In this direction, you should give importance to mobile compatibility in order to move your website higher in Google, and you should not hesitate to make improvements that will make your site user-friendly.

9. Create Title Layout in Content

A correct title layout is an essential detail for the content you want Google to rank high. Considering that the use of headings helps to make the content more understandable, we recommend that you take care to prepare the content you include on your website accordingly.

10.Track Performance

Track Performance

Perhaps the most crucial step to remember after implementing methods to rank higher on Google is to monitor your website's performance and take appropriate action.

Considering that millions of pieces of content are published worldwide every day on the internet, you need to keep feeding Google to ensure that it finds your website successful.

You should regularly monitor your website's performance through applications such as Google Analytics and Search Console in order to understand whether the actions you take are useful or not, and you should not neglect to make improvements when necessary.

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In our article, we have discussed in detail the methods to rank high on Google. However, it is worth underlining that Google algorithms are constantly audited for compliance with the criteria that Google has set for a website to appear on the first page or in the top rankings.

This means that a website being on the first page does not mean that it is permanent. For this reason, the continuity of SEO work is very valuable for brands to maintain their top rankings in search engines.

Working with experts in the field of SEO will undoubtedly help you take more concrete steps to achieve your goals. In this direction, if you are looking for a solution partner that will make your brand successful with its quality service understanding, you can contact Flatart Digital Marketing Agency.

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