What to Pack for Your Digital Marketing Journey

In order to build a long-term and successful structure in the digital world, you may not know where to start. At this point, you should remember that you need a guide to choose which path to follow to reach your long-term goals rather than short-term ones. [...]

Simay Akkurt

sosyal medya haberinden kaçan adam

In order to build a long-term and successful structure in the digital world, you may not know where to start. At this point, you should remember that you need a guide to choose which path to follow to reach your long-term goals rather than short-term ones.

Let's examine the steps to build a solid digital presence together in a few articles.

Have We Met?

sosyal medya haberinden kaçan adam

For a product- or service-oriented branding process, the key to creating a digital strategy that goes hand in hand with your traditional marketing methods is to know your target audience.

After all, in order for the right person to look at you in a huge crowd, you must know their name, right?

In this seemingly complex digital world, naming your target audience correctly will be the first step to reaching them in the fastest and most direct way. In addition, knowing your target audience will also provide you with great convenience when creating your advertising strategy in the following steps.

Defining your target audience;

  • Do not hesitate to ask questions.

What does your audience like? Where do they spend more time? What hours/days are they more active, and how can you attract their attention with your product/service?

  • Use analysis tools

Today, there are many tools that facilitate audience analysis, reporting, and measuring audience movements digitally.

Do not neglect to take advantage of the developing technology to discover which platforms are popular in which countries, which platforms are preferred by which age range, and which new channels are growing.

Hootsuite, Semanticum, Boomsonar, and Meltwater are some of the tools that will guide you in media management while watching, listening, and analyzing.

You know your target audience, and you have met them! Now it's time to develop a method and strategy for interaction...

See, Understand, Like and Follow Me!!

There is no doubt that social media channels are now one of the most significant marketing areas of today. However, it is not enough just to create a digital presence. It is also necessary to manage the presence with proper communication and offer content in accordance with the dynamics of the medium.

If the brand or service has a sustainable story, the journey will be more fluid. For this reason, first, create a clear and engaging story for yourself.

Then focus on bringing this story and your brand to your audience perfectly. Decide whether you want to get your story to your audience with videos, visuals, a narrator, or just by writing.

The answer could be just one or several at the same time. It is often necessary to appeal to multiple senses at the same time.

Once you have decided on these, it will be much easier to choose one of the platforms with different infrastructure and progression.

Being able to produce content by mastering the dynamics of channels such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Spotify, or TikTok will significantly affect the interaction, reach, and click-through rates of your organic and then sponsored posts.

It will be essential to make your target audience feel closer to you and interact with you on platforms with the visual and written communication language you create by observing the frameworks required by the corporate line.

Because you should not forget that you have the opportunity to be in one-to-one communication with all your potential customers who are interested in you.

Are We Like Friends or Not? Let's Take Our Relationship One Step Further

Şimdi Biz Neyiz? İlişkimi̇zi Bir Adım Öteye Taşıyalım

In today's world, it has become possible to make sales through social media accounts, which are often designed as showcases. However, I would like to remind you that if you want to use your social media accounts as a promotional tool and attract users to the website where you will actually convert, you need to proceed with much more strategic moves.

Links, referrals, campaigns, and the benefits you offer on social media can be organic steps you can follow to direct users to your leading conversion site. In addition, collaborations that you think appeal directly to your target audience are also considered an excellent method to speed up the process and create a reliable reference.

You met, liked, followed, and invited...

Just as you greet a guest who visits you for the first time, your website should be at that level of simplicity, clarity, and order. In this way, you should build trust and make users feel as comfortable as they are in their own homes while navigating your web pages.

Trust is one of the most important words you should remember when building digital prestige. While explaining and exhibiting the product/service in the right way, do not forget to add elements that emphasize the element of trust in essential areas at the point of conversion.

At this point, in addition to the technical steps to be followed, there should be arrangements to be made to maximize the user experience.

You can learn how to follow a step-by-step path for conversion rate optimization (CRO) in a more practical way thanks to the guiding content of Popupsmart, which enables you to have popups that increase online sales: Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO): The Beginners Guide

A Long Relationship Requires Sacrifice!

A Long Relationship Requires Sacrifice!

We have come to the step of establishing a solid bond with users who have met you and are happy to meet you... If you show the necessary dedication, you can gain customer loyalty.

For example, with discounts, personalized recommendations, and campaigns, you can make your customers feel special and offer them a long-lasting brand experience. In the digital world, where creating brand awareness is easy, but regular communication is not possible with so many options, you should not forget that extra effort is needed.

User memberships, mobile app downloads, and e-wallets are becoming increasingly valuable. In order to ensure that the users you connect with continue to interact with your brand, you need to offer sustainable strategies and gestures that make them special.

As you can see, the steps and requirements for building relationships do not change digitally as in every aspect of life. Fortunately, it is possible to embrace a considerable audience with timely and correct steps.

At the point where you decide to follow these paths, if you want your compass to always point in the right direction, it is time to meet the Flatart team, which is an expert in the services of the digital world.

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