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Liva Pastry, which has been serving in Ankara with its 8 branches since 1993, has achieved an increasing success rate over the years. In 2016, the company that wanted to make digital breakthrough cooperated in the fields of SEO, SEM, digital advertisement management, web page design and social media management.

The monthly order reached by Liva Pastry now is more than 3000 in Ankara province, thanks to the digital operation launched from the zero point.


  • • Conversion rate is 1% compared to the traffic acquired,
  • • The monthly turnover increase is not at the desired level,
  • • 20% of repeated orders,
  • • Target keywords are placed in the 2nd page of search engines.


First of all, we found out the reasons for the low conversion rate below the industry average through Google Analytics. We designed a new website using Shopify infrastructure, which is mostly for the solution of problems related to website design and product variety. During this period, we also increased the product variety and resolved the conversion rate problem. By creating strategies for customer loyalty and organic traffic acquisition, we produced solutions as described below.


E-Commerce conversion rate


More than monthly orders


Organic traffic acquired monthly.


Monthly order Recurring customer

Services Provided

Email Marketing
UI&UX Design
Google Ads


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  • Digital Marketing Specialist:
  • Google Ads:
  • SEO:
  • Website Development:
  • Simay Akkurt
  • Emel Dalabasmaz
  • Şerife AytekinŞerife Aytekin
  • Alaattin Emre ElbeyoğluEmre Elbeyoğlu
  • Barış Aslan

“Thank you for constantly trying to enlighten us on every issue as well as enabling us to get more sales by increasing the visibility of our brand in digital”

Mert Hacıosmanoğlu
Member of the Board
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Liva Pastacılık

Mert Hacıosmanoğlu, Member of the Board
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  • E-commerce Turnover Conversion Rate
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  • Organic Traffic Acquired Monthly
  • Monthly Recurring Order

Accurate design, high turnover,
conversion rate.

In addition to digital marketing operations, the interface and usability of the e-commerce website are also very important. Errors due to negative user experience and browser incompatibilities prevent maximum conversion.

The Shopify e-commerce infrastructure, which was continuously updated and developed by more than 2000 employees, was preferred for the Liva Pastry e-commerce website created from scratch.

As a result of the new Liva Pastry interface that we designed with the Shopify infrastructure, which has developments and integrations that cannot be made by companies and is also used by 500,000 e-commerce sites, the conversion rate has increased by 60% and there has been an increase in traffic and turnover.

425% organic
traffic growth in 2 years

With content marketing and link building, we achieved the first 3 ranks and first page targets for the keywords targeted in 2 years. Together with Liva Blog, we are providing more than 60,000 traffic from Google organically.

As seen in the graphic below, we are positioned in the top 3 in target words such as "birthday cake", "liva", "order cake" in the sector. In addition, we receive traffic from search engines in a total of 11,312 words.

Maximum turnover conversion rate with low cost per click.

With an effective ad management, we have carried out works to ensure that the brand gets high efficiency from low cost-per-click advertisements.

Loyal customers.
Regular increasing turnover.

User loyalty and continuity of success are crucial for solid growth. After establishing the first contact with the customer during shopping, we make our communication continuous with methods such as mailing, social media interaction and notification. With these reminders and communication strategies, we have increased the rate of re-ordering customers to 61%.

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E-Commerce turnover conversion rate


monthly orders

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