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We raise brand awareness, provide customer loyalty and increase your return on investment with our result oriented digital marketing solutions.






Social Media Management

We manage your social media accounts which is one of the most important strategies of today’s communication dynamics. While we observe all the processes from beginning to end we also perform advertising and image management of your brand. By providing data-oriented marketing strategies, remarkable and creative campaigns, instant crisis management and result analysis, we bring your brand together with the target group accurately.


We analyze and listen to the audience that follows the social media accounts that we manage and take actions accordingly in a short period of time. With our experience in crisis management, we put forth the right strategies without damaging brand image.


Social media management is one of the most effective strategies to interact with your target audience. Through the campaigns and competitions that we carry out, we provide brand awareness by creating a viral impact.

Search Engine Optimization

Aren’t you tired of paying for advertisements? We ensure that your website is listed in the best row in a short span of time on the search engine. Thanks to that, we increase your organic visibility without paying for advertisements. We enhance the user experience, ensure that your visitors spend more time in your website, consolidate authority and constitute your brand’s recognition.

On-Page SEO

We make your website understandable by search engines through the provision of SEO optimization. Also, by observing user experience, through the variety of tests we ensure on-page optimization of your website.

Creative Link Building

‘‘We provide link building service, expressed as “backlink”, which is done by purchasing links from a variety of websites through completely natural procedures by increasing your brand awareness.

Content Marketing

Just like 88% of the brands in the world we create contents which build interaction and obtains a return for your target audience. We provide constant, valid and valuable information for users. Through result and conversion oriented content marketing we enrich your brand, increase your brand’s awareness and provide customer loyalty. We bring together your brand with the potential target audience through accurate content strategy, low cost and high access speed.


We produce every single content with the aim of obtaining organic traffic by exploring the search volume. We publish the content according to the consumption habits of the target audience as written, video or infographics by overseeing the best user experience.


Content marketing is a process which is as important as content writing. By creating a viral content strategy or target-specific strategy aiming for organic traffic, we do content marketing with influencer groups on the right advertising channels.

Data Analysis and Interpretation

You cannot grow and expand a business that you can not measure. Through web analysis tools we interpret your brand’s data and by using these results in marketing activities we take actions. We follow the footsteps of your users by analyzing the data, prepare reports according to your needs and determine your strategies which are aimed at getting results.

Google Analytics & GTA

SWith our certified Google Analytics expert we analyze your target audience’s habits and website experiences. With the results that we obtain, we identify your digital marketing strategies.


Although your target audience is known well by us, their digital tendencies and habits might not be clear. That is why, we identify your next strategy by interpreting the data gathered from platforms such as Google Analytics, Hotjar and Google Tag Manager.

UI/UX Design and Development

We know that every single user is valuable and while designing your website we look for the maximum level of usability for each visitor. For that purpose, we design websites which presents high levels of market-oriented user experience. We help you to get the goal-oriented results thanks to your website which is designed in a clear, easy to use and in the simplest way.


A good design tells about you how something works not how something seems. By taking user experiences into account we create interface designs that match design trends.


We ensure that your web and mobile applications are developed on a strong-software infrastructure basis according to the UI/UX design trends.


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